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Who Are The Bramingham Wood Volunteers?

They are a group of keen conservationist consisting of people from local and nearby areas who appreciate the need for woodland management, and therefore derive great satisfaction and enjoyment from all its activities. They were formed in the September of 1985 under the auspices of the Woodland Trust, to manage, on behalf of the Trust, the ancient woodland known as Bramingham Wood. This consists of approximately 45 acres situated on the northern outskirts of Luton in Bedfordshire.

Although contained by urban development on three of its sides, it nevertheless offers a valuable green oasis for the local community and visitors to enjoy. Additionally, it provides a vital corridor for wildlife to access open countryside on the wood's northern edge.

Why Were They Formed?

The Volunteers were formed to ensure that Bramingham Wood will be preserved for now and - hopefully - into the future.

Its area is representitive of all ancient woodlands, which were traditionally coppiced to provide regular supplies of timber for local communities.
Coppicing involves cutting selected trees to near ground level each winter, thus encouraging new growth in the following spring, thereby ensuring regeneration.
This activity is, therefore, the main and essential task carried out by the Volunteers, along with most of the management required in and around the wood throughout the year.

What Can You Do To Help Preserve An Invaluable Area Of Woodland?

You can become an active and extremely welcome Volunteer by using the Join the Group tag located in the navigation bar at the top of this page.
Or, if you wish, you can become a much appreciated subscriber by using the Support the Group tag located in the same nav-bar.
If you'd like to know more about the Volunteers' work-parties, or have any other questions about their activities, please click on the email link in the left-hand margin to send your enquiry.
The Albums listed in the same margin contain photographs showing the stages of coppicing and its positive results. Others show the wide variety of wildlife and scenic attractions that the Wood contains.


Further information about the Group's formation and its ongoing activities can be viewed by clicking the Wood's Management and Wood's History links, also displayed in that margin.